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Students are responsible for meeting the cost of essential textbooks, and of producing such essays, assignments, laboratory reports and dissertations as are required to fulfil the academic requirements for each programme of study. There will also be further costs for the following, not purchasable from the University:. In some cases you'll be able to choose modules which may have different costs associated with that module which will change the overall cost of a programme to you. Modules are taught using a variety of methods, which include lectures, seminars, group work and project work.

Lectures offer an overview of a topic, an explanation of difficult concepts or a discussion of key issues. Lectures presume a certain amount of additional reading, so it is often a good idea to read references before attending the corresponding lecture. Seminars provide a forum for a closer examination of particular aspects of each module and are an important part of the learning process. Usually, it is only by discussing and questioning aspects of a subject that their full implications can be understood.

You will prepare papers and lead discussions or debates, and so develop your written and presentational skills. The increasing use of web-based, video-based and PowerPoint-based teaching methods demonstrates our commitment to the effective use of available equipment and resources. Each module will involve one or two sessions each week spread over the semester. For each module, you will be expected to write one or more essays or equivalent , make presentations or contribute to seminar discussions.

Some modules are assessed by essays or equivalent , others by exams and some by a mix of these methods. Exams are held at the end of each semester. Economic, Social and Political Science is based on the main campus of Find out more. How to apply. Postgraduate study. Taught degrees. Introducing your course Do you enjoy using numbers and data to provide answers to current problems? Programme Overview This programme provides postgraduate instruction in the theory and methods of applied statistics for students whose interests lie in the collection and analysis of quantitative social science data.

Key Facts Since the Division of Social Statistics was founded in , we have been at the forefront of international research into methodology for the design and analysis of sample surveys.

Today, we are a leading international centre for research in social statistics. PDF Reader.

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Typical entry requirements Language requirements Competency in English language is essential for this master's degree. Selection process We welcome applications from students who have, or expect to have, an Upper second-class honours degree involving a substantial statistical theory component as outlined below.

Typical course content The taught component of the programme consists of 30 study weeks divided into two semesters. Examples of recent dissertation titles are: Statistical methods for social networks Multilevel models of class context on voters at the General Election Log-linear models for complex survey data Variance estimation for the Gini coefficient Applications of graphical chain modelling Exact inference for two-way contingency tables Estimation of pay distributions from new earnings survey data Comparing asset with money metric-based measures of poverty in Malawi In addition to the core and compulsory modules listed below, option modules to the value of CATS must be selected.

Semester One Core [? STAT Credit [? Generalised Linear Models. MATH Credit [? Research Communication Skills. DEMO Credit [? RESM Credit [? Philosophy of Social Science Research. Complex Survey Data Analysis. Evaluation and Monitoring.

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A core module is a module which must be taken and passed. Funding Scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships or grants may be available to support you through your course. Teaching methods Modules are taught using a variety of methods, which include lectures, seminars, group work and project work.

Assessment methods Each module will involve one or two sessions each week spread over the semester. Study locations. Highfield campus Economic, Social and Political Science is based on the main campus of Approved calculator: Candidates may use calculators in the examination room only as specified by the University and as permitted by the rubric of individual examination papers. The University approved model is Casio FX This may be purchased from any source and no longer needs to carry the University logo.

You will be expected to provide your own day-to-day stationery items, e. Any specialist stationery items will be specified under the Additional Costs tab of the relevant module profile. Where a module specifies core texts these should generally be available on the reserve list in the library.

Postgraduate Theses in the School of Mathematics and Statistics

However due to demand, students may prefer to buy their own copies. These can be purchased from any source. Loughin He, Qipin M. Tsai Ang, Jervyn M. Bingham Challenger, Wendell Ph. Schwarz Xu, Jia M. Cao Pratola, Matthew Ph. Bingham Sanders, Barbara M. Parker Muthukumarana, Saman Ph.

Swartz Bhattacharya, Rianka M. Swartz Jiang, Lingzhi Chris M. Tsai Wan, Zhong Joan M. Parker Zhang, Ting Iris M.

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Lu Falkenberg, Jillian M. Parker Min, Jeong Eu M. Graham B. McNeney Goh, Joslin M. Graham J. Spinelli Zhao, Lihui Ph.

Hu Wu, Donghong M. Tang Chen, Jingyu Jayla M. Lu Ma, Suli M. Hu Sayre, Eric Ph. Weldon R.

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Lockhart Wong, Vivien M. Swartz Jiang, Qifeng M.

Masters Degree in Statistics

Stephens R. Lockhart Kim, Soyean M. Dean L. Zeng Bonner, Simon Ph. Schwarz Lin, Lyuao M.