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Even those who understand will turn against you, even the ones who feel the same will despise you! While watching the play we the audience also want to be involved and would want to warn Eddie of the corollaries of his actions such as when he decides to report Rodolpho and Marco to the Immigration Bureau. Alfieri voices all of these thoughts and opinions during his meetings with Eddie and allows us indirectly to feel more a part of the action.

By utilizing Alfieri, Miller ensures that the themes and morals of the play are made explicitly clear, such as the need for compromise, the idea of powerlessness and timelessness and the idea of inevitability.

A View From The Bridge: Themes (fate and destiny)

In doing this Miller is able to voice his own opinions and ideas he feels strongly about to the audience. In conclusion Alfieri plays a variety of roles in the play, some more prominent than others but it must be asked: is he really necessary? However in regards to his interaction with the audience, I feel that Alfieri is somewhat important in putting forward useful information and ideas.

By giving background information and general pieces of information, he introduces and sets the mood for scenes, he brings about feelings and evokes emotion and he allows for the smooth, continuous flow of the play, which ultimately increases the viewing pleasure for the audience. All this combined leads to my belief that although Alfieri is not absolutely vital to the play, he is nevertheless important and definitely helps in increasing the enjoyment of watching for the audience, which is after all, the whole purpose of a play.

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Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Some of the main themes are jealousy, love, law, justice and social class Research Papers words 6. In the play, 'A View from the Bridge. These techniques are used to express the play more creatively, helping the audience to develop an enhanced understanding of the text.

He uses elements such as character and language to convey the in-depth meanings of the themes within the play. In the play, Miller includes the authorial omniscient character, Alfieri Research Papers words 3 pages. In his plays he explores the struggles of the ordinary man against authority and insurmountable odds. While exploring human faults he also talks about the hidden emotions within people Research Papers words This is shown when Eddie goes to talk about his feelings because of Rodolfo and wants to send him back to Italy but just then Alfieri explains the laws to Eddie and tells him that there is nothing illegal about Rodolfo and Catherine being together.

Alfieri tells us that the themes of the play are Passion and Jealousy and that a case like Eddies doesn't come all the time Free Essays words 3.

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He is in his fifties. He is good humoured and thoughtful. He is a family lawyer sorting out family difficulties.

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller | Analysis

He introduces the play and acts as a character. He is the narrator that is watching the action on stage.

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Alfieri is probably the most important role after Eddie. One of the most important roles of Alfieri is that he is the narrator of this play.

He tells the story. He gives us hints into what is going to happen in the following scenes Research Papers words 4. Research Papers words 5. Arthur Millers play 'A view from the bridge' was originally set in the 's and started life as a one act verse before Arthur Miller converted it to a two act play to enhance and make it more enjoyable for the audience of today.

In the title 'A view from the bridge' Arthur Miller is referring to the Brooklyn Bridge which used to be the largest cable bridge in the world and its main purpose is to separate Manhattan from the slums of Brooklyn such as Redhook Research Papers words 3. Research Papers words 4 pages.

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Born in in Manhattan New York, his family had plenty of money up until the Wall Street Crash where his fathers successful business was ruined as a consequence. He left school with no money and no qualifications and in order to further his education had a variety of different jobs including a lorry driver, crooner and a shipping clerk so that he was able to afford the heavy fines of education Research Papers words 8. Priestley's A View From the Bridge Alfieri is a very important character in this play after all it is his story.

The original pint of Alfieri is to avoid confusion and misinterpretation of the themes and plot. Millers previous play 'the Crucible' had many complex themes and ideas that when performed confused the audience and led to misinterpretation of the story. However as Miller continued to write Alfieri's role evolved and took on other purposes Research Papers words 2.

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Examine the role of Alfieri in A view from the bridge. Comment on. Comment on Length: words 3.

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