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The two exchange snippy words for a bit and then Madison drops a bomb on Veronica. She tells her that she and Logan hooked up while vacationing in Aspen over the holidays. Veronica was visibly devastated by this. Keith dresses up in his old sheriff gear and interrogates Claire and Fern. He gives them the bad-cop routine, yelling at them to tell him the truth about what they saw. Nish shows up just then and immediately calls Keith out for illegally impersonating an officer.

Last week Landry busted him for attempting to act like someone else. He keeps his cool though and so does she. That about sums it up. A, it was still incredibly entertaining. As a BSG nerd, I really appreciated the quips about the show in the beginning of the episode. Subscribe to our Newsletter Sign up below to receive our weekly email with the best content about movies, news and television from the team at CinemaBlend. Blended From Around The Web. Leave a Comment. Back to top. Hot Topics. Moe and Piz both look at Veronica, and she gives a resigned sigh before saying she'll see what she can find out.

Moe opens up Sully's room and they all go in. Veronica notes all the pictures of women, but Meryl says they belong to Glen, Sully's roommate.

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She asks Veronica if she does "this" a lot, finding people, and Veronica distractedly says she does. Moe discovers Sully's toothbrush and razor are still there, and Veronica finds a school "Who's Who" book with a circle around the name Scarlet Reyes. Veronica asks Meryl if she knows who that is, and why Sully would be circling the names and faces of "hotties". Meryl doesn't know Scarlet, and claims Sully's "circles" aren't like that.

Veronica looks unconvinced, but when Meryl says she's just going to sit in the room and wait for Sully, Veronica says she'll check back with her after she's done with class. Before she leaves, however, Veronica has a thought, and digging through a wastebasket, she finds a credit card receipt, and says she'll check it out. In Veronica's criminology class, Dr. Landry gives them the topic for their end-of-term research paper; planning the perfect murder. He says it's due a week before finals, and must be 20 pages long, but they can choose whoever they want as the victim, and to the class' amusement, he admits he's been a popular target in years past.

Veronica muses at how Dr. Landry is just one of the men in her life who's been disappointing her , and she's not surprised when he asks to speak with her after class. She is, however, surprised at why; he's recommending her for a summer internship at the FBI, and says she can write a word essay on why she'd benefit from the program in lieu of the term paper. He also says he has a friend at Quantico who runs the intern program and on Landry's recommendation, Veronica would make the short list.

Veronica thanks him, but muses that Landry's bribing her to not say anything about him and Mindy. Logan is sitting in the quad area when Veronica walks up to him. She tells him she'll see Mercer when Lamb allows it, which is the next morning, but Logan doesn't want to talk about that; he just wants to make things right with her.

Who's Who?

She wonders how things can be right when he tells her Mercer is innocent of rape but won't say how he knows. Logan says he thought Veronica's desire to catch the real rapist would outweigh any hurt feelings she has towards him, but Veronica scoffs it's not the case. Logan, struggling to keep his temper in check, pleads with her to have faith, but Veronica can't understand what would be so bad that Mercer would rather be in jail than spill the secret.

Changing tactics, Logan mentions Keith calling him looking for her, and asks where she was. Defiantly, Veronica says she's keeping her whereabouts a secret as well. Veronica drops by Sully and Glen's room, but Meryl hasn't heard anything yet. Meryl wants to go to the police, but Veronica says they don't investigate missing person cases until they've been missing 48 hours, and mentions Lamb's a tool. However, while the credit card search came up empty, she gets the idea of listening to his cell phone messages.

Almost all of them are from Meryl, wondering where Sully is, except for the last one, which is of Scarlet Reyes, wondering if he's still on for tomorrow night at the food court, and if she told his girlfriend.

Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars

Meryl wonders what that's about, and Veronica can't believe how naive she's being. The next morning, Veronica visits Mercer at the sheriff's department. He asks what she's doing there, and she says Logan asked her to prove his innocence. He won't reveal what he and Logan were doing that night though he admits Logan is a "stand-up guy" , but does talk about the cologne Parker reacted to and the GHB and clippers Lamb found. He says the cologne was a sample from GQ magazine, the clippers and the cologne are things a lot of guys he knows has, and he claims the GHB isn't his.

Mercer also claims Chip Diller and Dean O'Dell who uses a student aide to bet on boxing owe him a lot of money, and the dean in particular wants him closed down, so they could be setting him up. Veronica says she'll look into it, and Mercer thanks her. Veronica drops by Sully's room, and Meryl wonders if maybe Sully, who's working on lasers in physics, has maybe accidentally discovered new technology like a laser cannon that could kill people from space.

Veronica sighs at Meryl's naivete, and brings up Occam's Razor ; her point is the simplest explanation is that Sully simply wanted to break up with her and is taking the coward's way out.

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Just then, the door opens, and Glen Charlie Weber , Sully's roommate appears. He says he was gone because Sully asked him to leave for the weekend. He also claims Sully said he was going surfing Meryl doesn't believe it , and mentions a huge fight Sully had with Meryl over the phone. Veronica's eyes narrow and she looks at Meryl. Harmony comes by Mars Investigations, and Keith greets her.

Harmony says what happened happened, although Keith isn't sure it was right.

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  4. Harmony reminds Keith she's in a loveless and sexless marriage, and says she's going to leave her husband. She also invites him to Palm Springs for the weekend. They smile at each other, and Harmony walks out of the office a few seconds later, passing Vinnie, who's sitting on the couch in the waiting area.

    He recognizes her, and she freezes momentarily before leaving. Vinnie then drops in on Keith, who naturally wants to know why he's there. Vinnie says he's working for the Fitzpatricks, and they still want to know where Kendall is and where the money she stole is.

    He offers to split the retainer if Keith gives him the information. Keith says he doesn't know where Kendall is, so Vinnie tosses him an envelope of pictures he took of Keith and Harmony together, and offers the "Vinnie special" to keep the photos under wraps. Vinnie, who's been smiling the whole time, gets serious and says, chillingly, "Sound like a deal, Keith? That night, Veronica and Meryl stake out the food court. Veronica can't believe Meryl didn't mention the fight she had with Sully; Meryl says it wasn't a big deal, just the usual long-distance relationship jitters, and she's not suspicious.

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    They see Scarlett Sandra McCoy walk in. Veronica thinks they should wait to see if Sully comes in, but Meryl can't wait, and marches over to where Scarlett is sitting, with Veronica reluctantly following. Meryl introduces herself to Scarlett, who says she's meeting Sully to study and she hasn't seen him since physics lab the other day.

    Veronica snarks on Scarlett's outfit, and Scarlett says she's going to a club afterwards. Veronica accuses Scarlett of stealing Sully from Meryl or wanting to, and tells Meryl she can be a patsy or choose not to be one. As she's saying this, Veronica sees Dr. Landry, and excuses herself. She goes up to Landry and tells him thanks but no thanks, as she's going to write the term paper instead. Landry doesn't understand why, so she slowly tells him she doesn't want to feel like she's been bought off, especially since she had no intention of telling anyone about him and Mindy.

    Landry, however, asks that Veronica take the internship and he insists he doesn't care what Veronica saw at the Neptune Grand; all that matters to him is Veronica should get a chance to live up to her potential. Veronica admits her mind is blown, and is further confused when she sees Meryl hugging Scarlett. That night, Piz walks into his room to find Veronica working on her laptop at Wallace's desk and Meryl asleep in Piz's bed.

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    Veronica explains Meryl is worked up about not finding Sully, and needed a double dose of cold medicine to get to sleep and stop crying. Veronica suggests he sleep on the floor; Piz grumbles that Keith Richards wouldn't sleep on the floor, but says he will when he gets back from doing Club Flush, which he's covering for Mercer.

    Veronica becomes interested and says she'll go with Piz Veronica also discovers the show happened the night Stacy was raped ; she wonders if Mercer pre-recorded his show, but Piz points out it's a call-in request show. Later, Veronica goes to Logan's hotel suite.