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A nurse who cared for him also flew on two commercial flights shortly before she was diagnosed with the deadly virus. They are also expanding their research to include analyzing pedestrian density and movement in areas such as ticketing and security; boarding at the gate and baggage claim.

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The Embry-Riddle researchers are looking at various perimeters such as the size of waiting areas at the gate and how they are designed. International passenger traffic rose 6.

Namilae, the primary author on the two initial research papers that included professors from Arizona State University and Florida State University, studied the transmission of Ebola and other viruses using a multiscale, hybrid computer model. By applying mathematical models used in materials science such as molecular dynamics, passenger movement and boarding and deplaning was analyzed around a hypothetical infected passenger along with transmission rates and incubation periods for diseases.

The findings were based on data from the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

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However, using a two-section strategy, which divides the plane into two sections and passengers randomly board, the risk is less because passengers may be in seats that are wider apart from each other which prevents clustering. The probability of 20 new air-travel related infections in this scenario drops to less than 40 percent. The research found that smaller planes, like 50 seaters, would reduce the infection probability even further because of fewer passengers, a lower number of susceptible individuals within a given area and less time spent moving on the plane.


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Circelli erau. Your task is to write an argumentative paper based off your interpretation close reading of the primary text s. Your argument should be supported by evidence from the primary text s as well as your secondary research sources. Your thesis should respond to one of the questions in the bank.

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It is a good idea to search more than one database. Not all authors or their work will be addressed in every database. Search each of the databases listed to locate and determine the best resources for your papers. HU Taylor.


Assignment Your goal for this paper is to use your research to support an arguable intepretation your primary text s. Research Paper Assignment. Databases It is a good idea to search more than one database.

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Enclose terms in quotation marks to search for exact phrases: "crew resource management.