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The classical period of music actually spans a time from of to Some people consider classical music as Western Art Music because most of the major composers till the 20th century were European.

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Vivaldi was Italian, Bach was German, Mozart and Beethoven were Austrian; they were some of the more prominent composers. The instrumentations used for composition of Classical music include both large orchestras and small ensembles. The largest part of the orchestra was the string section consisting of violins, violas, cellos and string basses. These instruments were invented very early in medieval times but really matured into their present form during the late 18th century.

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Topics in Paper. Example Essays. A short history of classical music. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 3. To her credit, my mother signed me up for the de rigueur piano lessons.

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Each week I dazzled poor Ms. Shimizu with either an astonishing performance of a Mozart sonata or a heretofore unseen level of ill-preparedness. Eventually I quit lessons, but had developed chops enough to work in both piano bars an underage piano man, traveling with my own snifter and community theater orchestra pits. I took a lot of gigs, but at 17 I was already pretty detached.

Thankfully, it was not. One day, bored with the music, Mike flipped his double-decked cassette case over to reveal rows of hidden tapes in a concealed compartment. At 17, rebellion was of course a staple in my life.

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The smartest kids I knew took the route of dolling themselves up in anti-establishment finery — goth, punk, straight edge — forming bands, going to clubs in Los Angeles, spouting manifestos. I had auditioned this mode, joining a band whose name escapes me and, in one of my great mercifully unphotographed late high school moments, taking a long, throbbing solo at a school assembly on one of those bygone over-the-shoulder keyboards.

He put it on, and I listened.

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I think it was then I actually heard music for the first time. Was this the same Beethoven to whose sonata I had done such violence? It unrolled from the small speakers, this big, gorgeous, unruly beast of a thing, contemporary, horrifying, a juggernaut that moved from the dark to unbearable brightness, soaring and spitting, malingering and dancing wildly, the Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Heard.

At my insistence we listened again. And again. I wished it would just keep going. Mike, who was just a kid in the neighborhood with odd — evolved?

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I loved this new to me music, but loved my abstract role in it even more.