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Oil derricks dot the landscape, and smoke from a new oil well rises from the horizon beyond the hamlet of Redwater. On the heels of the Leduc discovery, Imperial Oil finds a second major oil field near Redwater, northeast of Edmonton. By , the pipeline is expanded and extended to Sarnia, Ontario, and is transporting more than , barrels a day. A wellsite geologist stands in front of the Pembina No.

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A joint venture of two oil companies, this well successfully strikes oil about km 62 mi. In , the Banff Oil Company drills successful wells in this region. Source: Glenbow Archives, S Fuel shortages become common, and the price of Alberta oil, one of the few remaining reliable and friendly sources of oil for industrialized nations, skyrockets.

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The National Energy Program is created by the federal government in to ensure a reliable and affordable supply of oil and gas for Canadian industry. Although a compromise is reached in , bitter memories of the NEP continue to characterize Alberta-Central Canada relations. Images such as these feed concerns through the Western world about environmental damage due to industrial development. Although not directly related to the oil sector, this concept forms the basis for future anti-pollution and climate change strategies.

The World Petroleum Congress, held for the first time in Canada, attracts industry and political leaders from around the world.

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Canadian-American Committee. Keeping Options Open in Canada-U.

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    Oil and Canada-United States Relations. Davis, Tracy R. Calgary: Northwest Printing and Lithographing, Doern, G.