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I believe that the only thing holding you back is yourself. I believe that the world is never going to evolve without independent thinkers. Such thinkers, who have not yet been trained to think a particular way, are so much more open-minded and interested by ordinary things and consider all happenings a phenomenon. I hope that people can allow themselves to be more open and less afraid and therefore make the right decisions.

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I believe that art is one of the most important things a human can do. I believe that art is a physical expression of love.

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I believe that the person I am today is because of my experiences yesterday, and the days before that. The choices I make today will shape my future tomorrow, and if I try hard, my future will be as great, exciting and open as it can be. I believe in learning from mistakes so that it is possible to laugh about them later. I think it is important to be able to lighten up when things go wrong.

Education Is the Key

This helps everyone learn responsibility. I believe in friends. For me, friends are most important, especially the ones who will always be there for you, stand up for you, protect you. When you have a good group of friends, you have community. I believe that treating all things, including Mother Nature, with love and care is the key to happiness…I need to pace myself in utilizing resources, giving the earth a chance to reproduce these gifts.

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  • Just as in my relationships with others are ones of give and take; my relationship with the earth is as well. I must remember to give back that which is beneficial to the earth. When I sing, all my anger flows out and I can just let go.

    This I Believe- Education

    Other people may scream and yell and break stuff, but I just sing. I believe friends and family are the most important things in life—without them you have nothing. And I believe alien life exists, because in such a vast universe there must be life out there somewhere, right? I believe that education saves lives, that children should grow up feeling safe and that everyone deserves a second chance.

    I believe capital punishment is ridiculous. Hull said that is one of the hopes when teaching literature, that students look beyond the surface. Some of the essays contain very personal stories or experiences, which is partly why Hull waits until later in the school year to do them, plus he said it gives students an outlet and a way to explore themselves. For student Natalie Daninhirsch that seems to have worked.

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    She said in past years, essay writing was very technical, with the focus being on grammar, spelling and other mechanics. Hull then has each student sign his copy, which he keeps as a memento.

    Choosing a Field of Study

    There is an official This I Believe Curriculum online, and essays are still aired regularly via podcast. Last year she was the recipient of two national awards for Digital Innovation in Learning. As part of Owens joins us to discuss her approach to teaching technology. What did you do at school today?

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    That one-sided conversation is common in early education students. Early childhood learners outperform their peers when they are taught with an arts-integrated background, according to an independent study of a model used in 11 Pittsburgh area schools. Eleven-year-old gymnast Danielle Norris is practicing a roundoff back tuck dismount for her balance beam routine. She has a meet coming up soon, and later this month she's competing in the state championship.

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