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Alfred Stieglitz was an influential photographer who spent his life fighting for the recognition of photography as a valid art form.

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He was a pioneering photographer, editor and gallery owner who played pivotal role in defining and shaping modernism in the United States. Lowe He took pictures in a time when photography was considered as only a scientific curiosity and not an art. As the controversy over the art value of photography became widespread, Stieglitz began to fight for the recognition of his chosen medium. This battle would last his whole life. Edward Stieglitz, father of Alfred, was born Photography plays a large part in our society. New techniques are being created each day. With it's many purposes and the new technologies there are to create special effects, photography has become bigger than it has ever been before.

Photographers are gaining more knowledge on it, constantly as bigger opportunities grow into their reach giving them so many more choices. There are many aspects of photography to go along with it's different purposes.

Essay on Fine Art Photography

Photographers have many purposes in today's society. Photographers take pictures for many different reasons such as recording events, illustrating text, selling products, capturing scenes and many other Learning how to see the world through someone else's eyes is a hard thing to do.

Many artists have struggled with the challenge and few have risen to the occasion of doing so. Contemporary photographers are concerned with taking photograph's that reflect the social and political aspects of today's society. They do this using their own individual styles to reflect the feelings and emotions of the subject, whether it be human or nature itself.

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Annie Leibovitz is influenced by her subjects. She brings out the parts of celebrities personalities that are never shown to the general public. By spending a Photography is a process frequently used in areas of media, art, and science as well as practical everyday use.

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It is used to inform society of different issues, used to document a wide range of things and is used to capture everyday memories for the years to come. It is used everywhere in today's society and through technology has advanced tremendously since its beginnings. The earliest cameras were simple devices that did not capture an image but merely projected an image onto a surface.

It was basically a large pinhole camera in the form of a darkened room or booth For many years photography has been used to document the most significant of events, whether they affect an entire society, like a war, or a specific persons" life, such as a wedding.

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The reason that photography is used for such occasions instead of painting, drawing or sculpting is quite simple. It is because photography is the most remarkable of the fine arts. Other forms of art, are aesthetically pleasing and important in their own rite, but photography is so monumental because of the power that only it possesses. This is the power to depict fact.

One aspect that makes photography Working as a freelance photographer has given me the opportunity of doing a wide range of photographs including portfolios, weddings and catalogs. As a Photographer, I have accumulated a number of years of experience and the needed technical skills in order to produce a professional photograph.

I must have the ability to arrange whatever I am shooting so that the subject stands out clearly in the finished picture.

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Cameras, lenses, and lighting are some of the standard tools I use in photography. When doing a location job, I also require a light meter to properly gain the right lighting exposure Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out goo. Is photography an Art? So, what is it we are discussing here - how do we describe the nature of this photographic creativity? They struggle through photography to define these moments and bring them forward in time to us, to the here and now, so that with the clarity of hindsight, we may glimpse something of what it was they perceived.

Perhaps here we have stumbled upon a partial, but nonetheless astonishing description of the creative act at the heart of serious photography: nothing less than the measuring and folding of the cloth of time itself. We all do that. How hard is that? It's the view of this pen in my hand as I write this, it's an image of you reading now. Drift your consciousness up and out of this text and see: it's right there, across the room - there But another one has arrived, instantly. Because life is flowing through and around us, rushing onwards and outwards, in every direction. Is it the hard won photograph, knowing, controlled, previsualised?

Or are those contrived, dry and belabored? Is it the offhand snapshot made on a whim. For sure. Or is that just a lucky observation, some random moment caught by chance? Is it an intuitive expression of liquid intelligence? Or the distillation of years of looking seeing thinking photography. Ok, so how do I make sense of that never ending flow, the fog that covers life here and now.

How do I see through that, how do I cross that boundary? Do I walk down the street and make pictures of strangers, do I make a drama-tableaux with my friends, do I only photograph my beloved, my family, myself? Hence photography may not show what the reality is, it shows how the photographer sees the world or he wants us to see the world.

Some people argue that photography involves mechanical processes that handle most of the work, so not much work is to be done by the photographer. Whatever is present in front of the lens is captured exactly onto the film, and there is no scope for the image generated to show others than the reality presents at that moment. But what matters is how that photograph was taken.

The lights, the colors, the angle of the photography and the frame captured create a story of their own. Photographer uses such aspects to create an interpretation of reality, how he sees it and not necessarily how it appeared to everybody else also present at that moment. For instance, a photograph of a beautiful beach will not show the litter present behind the camera.

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One will admire the beauty of the beach but will never know the reality of the beach. This will instill a false belief about that beach into the mind of a person who sees the photograph, and he may never know the truth about it. Photographers not always want people to see the truth but see the beauty of their work. But photographs, even used for the recreational purpose can be misleading sometimes. Consider the image below. It takes a while to see the truth. However, more serious issues arise when photographs are used to show real events and are even sometimes used as evidence in the court of law.

After the invention of personal computers, photographs can be easily manipulated even if there are already taken.