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In addition to the books I find your testimony of faith and return to God also inspiring. To give back to God the talents he has blessed us with is a goal all believers should pusue.

Myself, my husband and a small dedicated team are in the final stages of launching a website called kindomrepresent. For the book review feature of the site, I would love to write a review of Christ the Lord:The Road to Cana knowing that it will inspire others as it has inspired me, to seek the Lord in deeper ways. Thank you for writing these books. Thank you for sharing your faith and the gift that God has blessed you with to glorify Him. I pray that your faith and inspiration will continue to grow withour bounds. Like I said in my last e-mail, I have been a fan of your writing since Louis came public with the story of his life many years ago.

I began reading your books as a teenager. The small light that you used to explore the darkest parts of human nature was one of the most powerful influences of my young life. I am now the mother or a teenager, who has developed an interest in the supernatural because of the return of vampires as central figures in pop culture. I am certain you will explore the good in human nature with the same insight and sensitivity that you used in exploring the nature of evil. Hello, my friend in Christ, Anne… I am so happy that you are sharing your witness to the world in the way you are doing.

I have always loved your work -its lyricism, the beauty of its honesty- and your recent books have been certainly no less. My gosh…. I know folks have clamored for the Lestat redeemed story, but only you can know if that is your mission at this time or any time. It is a little like asking the Beatles to reunite in my opinion. Even had they done so, it would have been largely nostalgic and not because they felt compelled to fulfill their musical mission in that particular way.

They all seemed to take different, equally valid or moreso paths later. Had they felt compelled to do so musically — then only they could make that decision and I deeply respect that. In theirs and in your case. In my life, I am a little Sunday School teacher who has by fortune been given the great gift of traveling to Africa and meeting the children there.

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If that is possible, please let me know.

Thanks again for being you, Anne. You are someone who makes a difference with every word you write. May God bless and keep you always. I have very much enjoyed your recent books and must say I enjoyed your earlier works. I too went back to church in after a long absence of 20 yrs. Keep up the good work and I hope you continue with your books on Jesus. I just really wanted to write you and thank you for the wonderful Christ the Lord books. I was in my local library and came across it. Now I have read your other books when I was younger and really enjoyed the way you write.

I have been through a lot in my twenties. The most life changing was when I lost my twin girls Gabriella and Carly during labor. I thought I would die from grief. After a depression involving deep alcoholism, I realized that God had sent those girls to me as a gift, so I would change my life. I realized that for my whole short life thus far I had ignored him and lived my life wrong.

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I very much appreciated your books because they really speak to me and I find myself researching things about Jesus and others and I am really learning a lot. As soon as we can afford them I will purchase these books so I can reread them and I know my husband wants to read them too.

Sorry for all this rambling but I just really wanted to thank you for sharing the beautiful talent that God gave you with the world.


Take care, Amy Posey. Although I have found your previous books of the Vampires etc. I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I am a soon to be 40 woman, married with no children. Obviously, that did not turn out as expected. I have had many hard times in my life and because of those things, I turned away from my faith. I loved it, and from there on, I have read everything you have written, including those of your other pen name.

When I saw your newest books about Christ, I have to honest, I was scared of them.

In Anne Rice's 'Prince Lestat', the Vampire Blood Is Thin - PopMatters

I am not sure why it scared me, but the thought of getting back into that scared me. I, about two weeks ago, went to the library and saw your books, and checked out Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt. I must tell you, being a fan, a HUGE fan, you being my favorite author ever, made me feel more than the other books did.

I finished the book in 2 days and went right away to get the second book. Again, my mind raced and my heart grew with emotions. I cannot tell you how I felt. Anne, I have told people I would never have about your books, books about Christ, when I never spoke of it before. I am scared to go to church again, alone, but I am trying and I want to. Thank you for the books, as they have made a difference in my life.

You have been in my life since I believe, and I will never be able to thank you for the countless hours of enjoyment I have had with your novels. I cannot wait to read more. I would love nothing more than to hear from you, it would be a dream, but I also understand so many others have the exact same dream.

No more witches and vampires: Anne Rice on her early works

Now, it is my 67 year old mother who is having the good fortune of discovering your words through your new series of Christ the Lord books. Marcie Vargas. God has certainly used your work to bless my life. I am a deployed Solider in Iraq about to come home to my duty station in Germany. I just wanted to thank you for all of your novels. I started reading your novels over a decade ago and have gotten much enjoyment from them. As much as I love all of your work I would also like to thank you for your novels on Christ. You are a wonderful writer and I appreciate all your work. It gets me through many long nights.

I have delighted in exploring the reference material in your bibliography and have expanded my library substantially for future enlightenment. In reading your earlier works, I was always amazed at how you could build a character piece by piece and immerse him in such detailed and beautiful settings.

You found beauty in the darkness I never knew existed before. Then you opened my eyes to absolute beauty in a man I thought I knew and understood, but really never saw as clearly as through your mind and heart. As much as I have read and as good a researcher as I consider myself to be, I never fully realized the land of the Jews was in constant warfare, and turmoil. I never fully conceived of the possibility that Christ feared as a child, or struggled with his destiny. I was enthralled with your account of His encounter with Satan.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

I had never before felt the strength and power on both sides of the confrontation and it was truly an inspiration. You transported me to His time to stand as He as a small child and look through his eyes in awe of the Temple in Jerusalem. That alone was worth the price of the book. You will always have a special place in my heart for letting me share your journey and shedding a lot of light in my own personal darkness. These words are yours to use to your advantage in any way you deem necessary.

I have been a fan for many years. I think the Mayfair Witch trilogy which I am one book into is very powerful. I am also a Presbyterian minister so my reading choices sometimes invite comment as I am rarely without a book in hand. Some years ago, you were on a radio interview on NPR when a minister called in. He had one of your novels on his bookshelf and it became an entry point for a conversation with a young person who came to him in his role as a pastor.

The discussion turned into a theological discussion of the nature of evil and I remember that you and the pastor took away something powerful from the dialogue. I told myself that at some point you would find your journey back to the faith in our Lord. But I posted to my blog this morning about Christ the Lord and then did some background on your website which let to this email. It is wonderful.